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Office Heat is designed to help office owners and users alike get the most out of a space by driving better engagement with the ‘hardware’ of an office (the space and desks) and also the ‘software’ (the people!).



Office Heat exists because an office should be more than the sum of the parts.

An office shouldn’t mean space and tables and chairs, but should be the crucible for the alchemy that can happen when skilled people come together.

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Office Heat works by giving office users the tools to engage with each other and to find skills in their space which they might not have known existed.

For office owners, Office Heat gives usage data to enable better space allocation.

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Smart Features.

Office Heat has functionality which lets users engage more with each other and the space within which they are based.

Room Booking
Desk Booking
IM & Video Chat
100+Rooms Booked
500+Desks Booked
30k+Video Calls

...and growing.

Be more Productive.

Office Heat lets you get more out of each hour worked, whether on or off site. Exchange information with co-workers and find hidden skill-sets.

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